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to check out some recent samples of our work in the Video Gallery. Need to see more? Contact us about getting a DVD with a complete collection of recent projects.

Video Trailer
     Click on the link above to watch a trailer for "Covered Bridges of New England". You can also view this in HD on our Youtube page.

Production Team
     Director of Photography Jim Karpeichik is also serving as Executive Producer for the project. Mary Steele has been brought on board as Producer and Writer. Jim and Mary worked together at WJAR and again shooting several "Visionaries" documentaries for PBS in the US and in Africa. Lisa Purcell is working on the development side coordinating program sponsors.

Coming soon to TV
     WGBY in Springfield is on board as our sponsoring station to distribute the program to PBS stations via APT (American Public Television). We also have support from WGBH and RIPBS. Please contact us if you are a broadcaster interested in this program.

Get Involved
     You can follow production, check out video clips and view pictures on our Facebook page. If you are interested in selling the DVD, or holding a screening of the program when it's finished, contact us! We are always interested in partnering with organizations and groups to make this a success. Program sponsorships are still available, but you must act quickly.

Production Log
     In September of 2009, we started shooting in northern New England, following the brilliant Fall foliage from north to south in all six of the New England states. Along the way, we've conducted interviews with, historians, bridge wrights, engineers and bridge enthusiast.

     Shooting continued into the winter including a horse and carriage shoot in Rhode Island and a trip to Stark, NH to shoot Christmas lights on what turned out to be the coldest day in 30 years.

     We wanted to cover all seasons, so we continued to shoot in the Spring and Summer of 2010, once again visiting all of the New England states. Shooting wrapped up in August with the moving of a bridge in CT. 

     By the end of September, the rough cut was complete and the narration of long time New England radio personality Charlie Jefferds was added in early October.

     Editing finished at the end of October 2010 and we created the first HD masters for broadcast. We also mastered the Premiere Edition of the DVD, which includes bonus material and is available for sale and delivery planned for the first week of December.

     We had a successful premiere on WGBY on November 29th and on WGBH on December 7th. DVDs are now ready and shipping for both retail and wholesale. We also released many clips on our Facebook page for your enjoyment.




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